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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hats are everywhere!

Just flipping through the magazines...and so many hats to be seen!!! The above photo is of MTV's Whitney Port who says, "For me, accessories make an outfit. I don't think I typically have 'hattitude,' but this beachy one works." Here's another one of her sporting a 'hat at the beach' look...

...I love how casual the outfit looks, and I think it's the hat that pulls the outfit together. Hats seems to be very popular at the beach or on vacation, at least according to the photos I found in June's issue of Marie Claire...

I'm seeing a trend with the light colored fedoras and dsitressed caps...of which we have plenty here in the shop. We just got a great shipment of men's and women's fedoras, in a rainbow of colors...blues, creams, browns, greys, even pink! Made in straws and cotton blends, they are sure to keep you cool under the hot summer sun...which will hopefully be out for good soon! Here's another little darling I found in June's Cosmopolitan...

Love it! Stop in to Bonnet on the next sunny day to try out some of the latest styles! See you soon!

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