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Monday, May 25, 2009

ElizaBeth Rohloff Designs now at Bonnet!

Are these hats just darling? A feminine update to the classic fedora shape, it's wider brim and delicate ribbons make them oh so special and unique. ElizaBeth Rohloff makes all her designs here in Portland, and they come in different sizes to ensure a proper fit. Leave the brim out or fold it up to frame your face. The silky ribbons are the perfect complement to the soft linens and cottons, and the color combinations offer the perfect amount of freshness on a sunshiny day. Come see them in person, there's plenty more styles and colors to choose from!


Nicole Lane said...

I am so delighted you are carrying ElizaBeth Rohloff's hats! She is THE QUEEN of the marvelous chapeaux...I'll have to stop by!

kerry lynn said...

the store looks amazing
as of course it would ;)
congratulations on the success!
hope you're well :)