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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bonnet + Mabel and Zora = Love!

We're playing matchmaker today at Bonnet!

We're looking for the perfect companions to some of our favorite pieces we have in store right now. With a little help from our neighbor, Mabel and Zora, we're hoping to make some style sparks fly.

First up, we have this lovely linen ivy:

Light Grey Newsboy Ivy $20

Miss Ivy is comfy, casual and girly. She's a fan of spontaneous first dates, which is why we think Mabel and Zora's Butter by Nadia Dress is the perfect match for her. It's a comfy convertible jersey dress, and can be tied in any way, whether the first date is a picnic or a night of dancing:

Mabel and Zora's Butter by Nadia Dress $239

Up next, a dashing little topper, looking for an outfit to fall in love with:

Bailey Billy with Navy Trim $46

With Billy's navy band, he's on the lookout for someone who likes strolling by the sea. Thankfully, Mabel and Zora has the perfect companion:

Mabel and Zora's Lilly Pulitzer Leslee Dress $138

Lastly, let's find the perfect mate for this looker:

Delux Gatsby Polka Dot $39

Gatsby is old fashioned, but likes to jazz it up every once in a while. (He just got this polka dot band at the Lambretta Jamboree last weekend) He gives a tip of the hat to styles that are modern but bring back a little retro flair. We think we've found him the perfect dress:

Clair Vintage Inspired Scallop Hem Dress $139

Visit Mabel and Zora just two blocks north of Bonnet to see more fantastic summer dresses, or visit their website to make your own match!

1 comment:

Sun Hats For Women said...

I love the Butter by Nadia dress! I think it would look so great with the newsboy hat!