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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spotlight on Cloches!

Delux Tribeca Cloches, $40 each sold out

What's the best accessory to kick off the fall season? A smart cloche to go with your trench coat, of course! We're getting in lots of different styles right now, and this week we're highlighting our amazing cloches. And here's a little tidbit of trivia for you - cloches are called so for their distinctive bell-shape, the word cloche means 'bell' in French. The ones we have in store right now will go with any coat wardrobe - whether you're a neutral-lover or are more prone to embrace the bold (we love the pumpkin Tribeca!). Furthermore, all of the cloches seen here are great for rainy weather. Their wool construction makes them the perfect hat for getting caught in the rain - just don't forget your rain boots for puddle-jumping!

Betmar Classic Cloches $46 each, and Delux Buttercup $42 sold out

Delux Trinity $36 sold out, and Toucan Stitch Cloche $44 sold out

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