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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Sun is out in Portland! Where's your Sunhat?

Elizabeth Rohloff Palms $76 sold out

Well, hello sun! We've been thinking about you - Bonnet has been getting in sunhats to prepare Portland for your arrival! Local designers have been designing with you in mind (See above - the lovely Palms made by Portland's own ElizaBeth Rohloff) and Portlanders have been planning beach trips, which are never complete without the right sunhat. Just take a look at these travel-friendly designs we have right now:

Scala Ribbon Sunhat $32 (also available in chocolate, black, and khaki) and Toucan Cotton Sunhat $27 (also available with olive band)

Toucan Linen Sunhat with button $32 (also available in khaki) and Peter Grimm Riviera Sunhat $36 (also available in tan)

Hopefully this is enough reason for you to stay out and give us those much-needed rays! We'll see you out there!

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