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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Berets and Caps and Sunhats, Oh My!

Ribbon Sunhat $32 sold out, (also available in soft pink, khaki, black, chocolate, and olive)

Look at what just breezed in at Bonnet! The newest arrivals are available in a smattering of colors, which is just what Portland needs on these gray days we've been having. From soft neutrals to rich jewel tones, there's a hat for every mood. We're getting new stuff in all the time - so come in to see all the new goodies!

Cotton Crochet Beanie $26 sold out (also available in black, ivory, charcoal, soft pink and brown) and Double Buckle Cap $24 sold out (also available in gray, navy and black)

Sequin Beret $28 sold out (also available in sky blue, black, ivory and soft pink) and Slouchy Beret $22 sold out (also available in raspberry, charcoal, ivory and black)

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