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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Put Some Spring in Your Step! New Grace Hats are in!

Grace Summer Knit Watch $24 sold out with Large Button Rosette $12

Let's encourage the sun to come out of hiding! Wear a great new spring hat to ease the transition between rainy gray to sunny day! We've been getting lots of great springtime styles in lately, and one of our favorite brands, Grace, has arrived! Take a look at the new styles for Spring, and start making your wishlist! The Summer Knit Watch pictured above features one of our handmade Button Rosettes (made right here in the shop!), which is removable and adds a perfect splash of color to any hat, cardigan, tote, or scarf you have lying around. Stop into the shop today and pick out a new spring hat - do your part to help to lure the sun out!

Grace Kura Casquette $34 sold out and Doc Cap $34

Grace Malaga Casquette in Oyster and Cocoa $34 sold out

Grace Wine Lake Sunhat $44 and Rugby Casquette $34 sold out

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