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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Luminata Cashmere!

Luminata Cashmere Beret with Vintage Earring $52 sold out

Well hello, beautiful Luminata. These little cashmere drops of heaven are so cozy they should be worn every day. Love at first sight - we couldn't resist the selection when the Portland designer behind Luminata brought them in. Recycled cashmere sweaters are reinvented as berets, cloches, and caps - then adorned with vintage buttons and costume jewelry. Oh, and did I mention the armwarmers? Made from the same recycled cashmere as the hats, buy them to match your hat or to act as the perfect companion to your 3/4 sleeve coat. Below is just a sampling of the colors available, so stop in to see the full line!

Cashmere Cap $44 sold out and Cashmere Cloche $38 sold out

Cashmere Berets $46-$52 sold out and Armwarmers $36-$44 sold out

Cashmere Beret with Vintage Earring $52 sold out and Cashmere Cap $44 sold out

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