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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ophelie Hats are Here!

Floral Fedora $89 sold out

Ophelie has finally arrived, and they are fabulous! A company based in Quebec, Ophelie makes some of the most stylish hats around, and everything is made in Canada. All of the hats pictured come in different colors - browns, blacks, but the most exciting are the gorgeous jewel tones like plum and emerald. A couple are available in splashes of electric blue and fire-engine red, if you're feeling daring! Come down and try some on - they are just begging to be worn!

Patent Buckle Fedora $82 sold out, and Floral Cloche $86 sold out

Leather Buckle Fedora $86 sold out, and Braid Belt Fedora $86 sold out

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