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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hats in the New York Times!

Check out this spread from this Sunday's New York Times...

"On the Street: Bill Cunningham

In The Wind

The straw fedora hat is leading fashion's direction from the decorative to the tailored look of the haberdasher, setting the mood for a streamlined style of dress for women. A perfect example is the inset photo. The hat, with a plain hatband, no fancy bows or feathers, became popular last summer, but has now escalated into a genuine fashion statements, whether purchased from a push-cart vendor or a custom hatter. Seen even at night at outdoor dances, the fedoras are joined everywhere by Panamas, boaters and homburgs.

Online: Hat City
Bill Cunningham narrates a slide show of his photographs."

I highly recommend the narration video (the link is above), where the author talks about fedora style. Straw fedoras are definitely popular, they are flying out the door at Bonnet - but not to worry! A new batch of fedoras has just arrived! Take a look at our newest arrivals...

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