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Monday, February 16, 2009

Upgrade that trucker hat...

...and get yourself something with a little more style. Bonnet has a bunch of great casual caps that are great just to toss on with any outfit. What's the difference between your baseball cap and one of our caps? Not only will they be useful those days when you just don't feel like taking a shower and your hair looks like a detonated mine field, ours will update your entire look, and you will notice people looking at you with a respectful, "Ooh, he's stylish," look, and as we all know, us girls love style! Here's a sampling of some great, no-fuss hats for you to try on:

These hats are all from New York Hat Company, and most are cotton, which means they won't get dirty easily and will keep you nice and cool into the summer months. Stop by Bonnet and find yours!

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